Customize Travel Yoga Mat

Our Travel Yoga Mats made of sueded microfiber surface and thin cushioned rubber backing, printed with water-based ink for gorgeous color. It can be folded into a small rectangle and easy to carry around, perfect for yogis who are traveling or practicing on the go.

Custom Options

✔  Painted Design: Customized on request (printed with water-based inks)
✔  Optional Thickness: 1mm – 2mm thick
✔  Optional Width: 24″~31.5″ (61cm ~ 80cm)
✔  Optional Length: 68″~74″ (173cm ~ 188cm)
✔  MOQ: 200 pcs


Main Features

Our portable travel yoga mats are thin, super light and easily foldable with super grip, it can reduce slipping and injuries. It’s your ultimate on-the-go yogi companion!

Great Sweat Absorption & Extremely Slip Resistance

The tightly absorbent sueded microfiber top layer characterized by superior grip, hygroscopicity and breathability to ensure safety and hygiene.

Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly, Safe & Never Fade Over Time

All material are exo-friendly & 100% biodegradable, and printed with water-based inks to make sure it never fades, and free of harmful chemicals and dyes.

Moderate Cushioned Protect with Ridged Non-Slip Surface

The antibacterial rubber base is 100% biodegradable and provides moderate cushioning. Ridged anti-slip textured offers superior grip to reduce slipping.

Lightweight, Flexible, Foldable & Ultimate Portability.

Easy to fold and light to carry, let you practise yoga anytime, anywhere. As the ultimate on-the-go yogi companion, you’ll always find space for it in your bag!

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

The reviews, below, are from recent buyers on our site and are 100% unfiltered. Real names. Real buyers. Honest reviews

I am Virginia from France. We operate 25 supermarkets in France. I have bought yoga mats from Dulcon for 12 years. Many stories happened in the middle of the course, such as the loss of spare parts of the mat, the smell of the mat at the beginning, and the lack of packing. They were very patient to help us solve one by one, and now they are very perfect. I want to focus on the odor problem. Their solution is that no glue is needed for the composite of mats, and a drying workshop is set up specially. When I visited them, Mr. Deng, the boss, especially showed me to visit their new deodorant workshop. I was shocked and would like to say, “my choice is right forever!
Virginia, France, General Manager of supermarket Chain
I do wholesale yoga products in India. We have cooperated with dulcon for nearly 10 years. Their yoga supplies are of good quality and competitive price. Because of this, I also introduced several Indian friends to dulcon. My friends were very satisfied. They said that the service from Dulcon was good, the delivery time was fast, the quality and price were very good! Every time I meet them at the exhibition, I want to help them introduce more customers. It’s great to do business with them! They sent me a lot of masks for this epidemic. I really appreciate them! During this epidemic, our yoga products sales have been increasing day by day, Dulcon tried every means to meet our supply demand! I was moved by them!
Ardeep, India, Yoga products wholesaler

Looking to Customize or Brand Your Own Yoga Mat?

Please contact us directly, let’s discuss your requirements or custom design! Our dedicated customer service team is always on hand to help!

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