PU Alignment Yoga Mats

PU Alignment Yoga Mat is made from non-toxic natural rubber as a resilient base and a 1 mm thin PU (polyurethane) top layer that absorbs moisture to help you get a grip during sweaty practices, and featured with alignment lines on the top for hand and foot placement. Helping Yogi achieve perfect alignment during practice

Custom Options

✔  Material: PU Top layer and Natural Rubber Cushioned Backing
✔  Alignment Marks or Logo: Laser engraved lines (Customized on request)
✔  Color Options: Solid Color, like Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Purple, etc
✔  Standard Size: 24″ x 68″
✔  Customizable Size: 26.75″ x 72″/74″
✔  Thickness Range: 4mm – 6mm thick
✔  Product Packaging: Recyclable plastic wrap around the mat
✔  Delivery Packaging: Recycled cardboard box
✔  MOQ: 200 pcs


Main Features

Good alignment places minimal strain on your joints for efficient movement and avoids injuries from misaligned poses. Perfect for home or studio use and helpful when practicing alone without yoga teacher.

Excellent Sweat Absorbed & Unparalleled Grip

The polyurethane (PU) top layer features with antimicrobial, biodegradable & innovative permeability. The special PU coating that makes the mat extremely slip resistance and sweat absorbed quickly to avild slipping or injury.

Excellent Shock Absorption & Cushioning Support

The natural rubber backing supply excellent resilience and cushioning to take some of the pressure off your knees and joints. The unique ridged anti-slip textured provides superior grip and stability on the ground.

Embedded Anti-Tear Mesh Design & Solid Durable

Wet absorbent PU top layer, waterproof mid-layer and extremely cushioned rubber base. They are firmly fused together through a special high temperature bonding process, makes the mat durability.

Alignment Lines Mark For Perfect Balance And Safety

Feature with laser-etched alignment marks that won’t fade or wear over time, the alignment lines design useful for adjusting your hands and feet to the accurate body posture, and help you achieve the best out of yoga practices.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

I am Virginia from France. We operate 25 supermarkets in France. I have bought yoga mats from Dulcon for 12 years. Many stories happened in the middle of the course, such as the loss of spare parts of the mat, the smell of the mat at the beginning, and the lack of packing. They were very patient to help us solve one by one, and now they are very perfect. I want to focus on the odor problem. Their solution is that no glue is needed for the composite of mats, and a drying workshop is set up specially. When I visited them, Mr. Deng, the boss, especially showed me to visit their new deodorant workshop. I was shocked and would like to say, “my choice is right forever!
Virginia, France, General Manager of supermarket Chain
We are a company which sells sports equipment from the United States. In 2009, we met Dulcon company at the Canton Fair. We have been cooperating with them until now. Now, the sales amount of our yoga products are 10 times that of sports equipment. The first time we purchased yoga mats from Dulcon company, a customer responded that the anti-skid degree was not enough and there was the smell. Dulcon company immediately improved it and sent us a new sample for our approval. Three months later, we were very satisfied with the samples. The mat sample has a feature of good elasticity, no smell, and good skid resistance. In addition, they also gave us a very good discount on the second order. This discount was offered by Dulcon company on its own initiative. Our current customer base is very stable, which also benefits from the quality and services. We would like to say thank you very much!
An American company that sells fitness products

Looking to Customize or Brand Your Own Alignment Yoga Mat?

Please contact us directly today, let’s discuss your requirements or custom design! Our dedicated customer service team is always on hand to help.

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