Customize Microfiber Suede Yoga Mat

Microfiber Suede Yoga Mat is made of premium microfiber suede and high grip natural rubber, it feels soft and luxurious. The microfibre layer makes sure the mat is superior in absorbing sweat and increasing slip resistance. It’s specially designed for people with slippery hands & feet, the mat grips better the more you sweat. Ideal for Hot Yoga/Bikram yoga, Power, Ashtanga, etc.

Custom Options

✔  Optional backing Material: Flexible Natural Rubber or TPE Foam
✔  Painted Design: Customized on request
✔  Optional Thickness: 3mm – 6mm thick
✔  Optional Width: 24″~31.5″ (61cm ~ 80cm)
✔  Optional Length: 68″~74″ (173cm ~ 188cm)
✔  Product Packaging: Recyclable plastic wrap around the mat
✔  Delivery Packaging: Recycled cardboard box
✔  MOQ: 200 pcs


Main Fearures

Super Sweat Absorption, Breathability & Non-Slip

The microfiber suede top layer has an excellent absorption of sweat & breathability, and increases an incredibly grip the more you sweat, it will naturally become rougher with every use. No more yoga towel needed.

Cushioned Backing with Shock Absorption

As backing material, the Natural rubber is non-toxic, eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable, it has excellent resilience and shock absorption to provide adequate cushioning for protecting your knees and joints.

Embedded Anti-Tear Mesh Design & No Adhesives

An embedded anti-tear mesh is durably fused together with rubber through a special high temperature bonding process without glue. Its tear resistance to prevents overstretching, makes it superior durability.

Customizable Colorful Printed Patterns & Alignment Lines

The colorful printed pattern is made of eco-friendly water-based ink with advanced printing technology, it ensures that the pattern will super durable, extremely vibrant colors and will not rub off or fade away.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

We are a company which sells sports equipment from the United States. In 2009, we met Dulcon company at the Canton Fair. We have been cooperating with them until now. Now, the sales amount of our yoga products are 10 times that of sports equipment. The first time we purchased yoga mats from Dulcon company, a customer responded that the anti-skid degree was not enough and there was the smell. Dulcon company immediately improved it and sent us a new sample for our approval. Three months later, we were very satisfied with the samples. The mat sample has a feature of good elasticity, no smell, and good skid resistance. In addition, they also gave us a very good discount on the second order. This discount was offered by Dulcon company on its own initiative. Our current customer base is very stable, which also benefits from the quality and services. We would like to say thank you very much!
An American company that sells fitness products
I do wholesale yoga products in India. We have cooperated with dulcon for nearly 10 years. Their yoga supplies are of good quality and competitive price. Because of this, I also introduced several Indian friends to dulcon. My friends were very satisfied. They said that the service from Dulcon was good, the delivery time was fast, the quality and price were very good! Every time I meet them at the exhibition, I want to help them introduce more customers. It’s great to do business with them! They sent me a lot of masks for this epidemic. I really appreciate them! During this epidemic, our yoga products sales have been increasing day by day, Dulcon tried every means to meet our supply demand! I was moved by them!
Ardeep, India, Yoga products wholesaler

Looking to Customize or Brand Your Own Yoga Mat?

Please contact us directly, let’s discuss about your requirements or custom design! Our dedicated customer service team is always on hand to help.

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