Natural Cork Yoga Alignment Mat

Cork Yoga Alignment Mat is of a natural cork top lining on an elastic TPE base and marked with body alignment lines that guide your body into proper yoga poses. The mats provide an amazing non-slip, anti-bacterial surface with a fantastic grip for all styles of yoga practice.

Custom Options

✔  Optional Backing Material: Premium TPE foam base or natural rubber base
✔  Alignment Lines: Customized design or OEM
✔  Optional Thickness: 3mm – 15mm thick
✔  Optional Width: 24″~31.5″ (61cm ~ 80cm)
✔  Optional Length: 68″~74″ (173cm ~ 188cm)
✔  MOQ: 200 pcs


Main Features

Antimicrobial, Sweat Absorption & Slip Resistance

The organic cork layer features with natural antimicrobial, eliminating odor and biodegradable. Its honeycomb structure makes the mats excellent in sweat absorption and slip resistance.

Shock Absorption, Cushioning Support & Unparalleled Grip

Natural Rubber layer with ridged non-slip surface provides superior grip and cushioning for maximum support your joints, and can firmly grips the floor to avoid slip & injury for any yoga posture.

Embedded Anti-Tear Mesh Design & Solid Durable

An anti-tearing mesh on the cork layer is durably fused together with rubber through high temperature bonding process. It makes the cork surface will never chip and makes the mat durability.

Laser-Engraved Alignment Lines & Embossed Pattern

The alignment mat marked with Laser engraved alignment lines and angles that won’t fade or wear over time. The lines help adjust your hands and feet to the accurate position in different poses.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Excellent communication and quality, reliable company, and professional manufacturer for yoga products. Originally ordered the suede yoga mat, but the texture was not a good fit for our art, but order PVC yoga mat after and it turned out great! May helped with our order and was great at responding quickly.
A retailer of yoga products from Australia
I’ll recommend this manufacturer and their products, they are very friendly, understanding and patient. They gave me free 2 samples for testing, and then I placed a trial order. Their products are exactly what I expected and the quality is 100% excellent. Surely I’ll order more mats from them.
A small online retailer from Canada
Looking to Customize or Brand Your Own Yoga Alignment Mat?

Please contact us directly, let’s discuss your requirements or custom design! Our dedicated customer service team is always on hand to help

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