Yoga Mats

One-Stop customize & Wholesale Yoga Mats Help Your Business!

We have a great selection of non-slip yoga mats to choose from. You can find the perfect mat to support you for your business! If you need to custom your own mat or wholesale yoga mats, you have come to the right place! You just need to inform us of your requirements, and then leave the rest to us!

Custom Designed Mats
Eco-Friendly TPE Yoga mat is made from certified non-toxic Thermoplastic Elastomer with an inserted net of glass fabric which makes it specifically durable.
TPE yoga mat is lightweight and has a superior cushioning and very good damping. Excellent in antimicrobial, non-absorbent and biodegradable.
Normal custom printed PVC yoga mat as an entry-level yoga sticky mats, it’s mainly used for yoga beginners

Custom Printed PVC yoga mat is an entry-level yoga sticky mat with a low price point, excellent in grip and skid resistance. The safe & non-toxic approved by SGS and TÜV.

the natural jute yoga mat is a great choice for hot yoga and people with slippery hands & feet.
Natural jute surface layer makes it a naturally skid less yoga mat, excellent in sweat absorption, grip, flexibility, tear-resistance and durability.
Cork yoga mat has superior anti-slip & hygroscopicity in situations of high humidity and sweat, and excellent in antimicrobial and eliminating odor.
Cork yoga mat has superior anti-slip & hygroscopicity in situations of high humidity and sweat, and excellent in antimicrobial and eliminating odor.
Beautiful printed mats constructed with top microfiber suede and bottom natural rubber, a unique technology using anti-skid macro-molecules.
The microfibre layer makes the mat superior in absorbing sweat and slip resistance. It’s specially designed for people with slippery hands & feet.
Customize PU and rubber Yoga Mats
PU Yoga Mat has an innovative moisture-wicking design for offering unparalleled skid resistance, and excellent in comfortable cushioning.
Travel Yoga Mats
Foldable travel yoga mat can fold up super small to easily fit into your carry on bag. perfect for yogis who are traveling or practicing on the go.
NBR Pilates Mat is made from premium high-resilience NRB foam, which has excellent cushioning and slip-resistance to prevent injuries.
NBR Pilates Mats provides your desired softness and excellent cushioning for the spine and joints during practice, ideal for people with sensitive joints.
Round Cork Yoga Mat
Round yoga mats ensure no need for repositioning during pose changes and has 360° range of motion and freedom of movement in all directions.
Suede Round yoga mats
Round Sueded yoga mat makes you no repositioning during your pose changes, excellent in sweat absorption, breathability and slip-resistance.
Alignment Yoga Mats
PU Alignment yoga mat offers a superior grip and unrivaled stability, the alignment lines help to adjust your hands and feet to the accurate body posture.
Natural Cork Yoga Alignment Mats
Cork yoga alignment mats guide your body into proper yoga poses. it has an amazing non-slip, anti-bacterial surface with a fantastic grip for all styles of yoga.
Customize TPE yoga mats with alignment lines
TPE  Yoga Alignment Mat assist you with good alignment in a variety of different postures, and with these alignment grids that become stand-in teachers
Wholesale EVA Camping Mats

EVA Camping Mat is comfortable, wear-resistant and thermal insulation against the cold, damp ground. It’s easy to roll up and extremely portable.