• The microfiber waffle yoga towel will provide a comfortable, absorbent, stable and hygienic layer. The more you sweat, the more your grip will be enhanced!

Waffle Yoga Towel with Silicone Grip

Featured with silicon embedded in the tight waffle fabric to bring superior moisture absorption, quick-drying and the silicon woven ridged surface provides a comfortable  grip experience either wet or dry experience for yogis. This makes it perfect for Hot Yoga & Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

Product Details

✔  Material: 100% Waffle woven fibers embedded with anti-slip eco-silicone
✔  Optional Color: Only solid color is available
✔  Optional Width: 24″~27″ (61cm ~ 68cm)
✔  Optional Length: 68″~72″ (173cm ~ 183cm)
✔  MOQ: 500 pcs

Note: As per your requirement we can provide any size, thickness, print and color in any category when ordered in bulk


Main Features

The microfiber waffle yoga towel will provide a comfortable, absorbent, stable and hygienic layer. The more you sweat, the more your grip will be enhanced!

Super Sweat Absorption & Slip Resistance

The waffle microfiber surface provides quick-drying & super sweat absorption, it will provide an excellent grip neither wet or dry, so you don’t skid or slip.

Firmly Stick on the Mat & Not Easy Wrinkled

The innovative embedded silicon woven ridged surface to provides excellent traction to prevent bunching or sliding, and offer a suede-like soft feel on your feet

Solid Durable & Without Loose Thread

The enhanced whipstitching edges makes the towel super durable, not dropped and will maintain their original quality & feel even after hundreds of washes.

Lightweight, Foldable & Machine Washable

The towel is light in weight, foldable, and easily fits into your bag. It is machine washable and will maintain their original quality even after hundreds of washes.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

I do wholesale yoga products in India. We have cooperated with dulcon for nearly 10 years. Their yoga supplies are of good quality and competitive price. Because of this, I also introduced several Indian friends to dulcon. My friends were very satisfied. They said that the service from Dulcon was good, the delivery time was fast, the quality and price were very good! Every time I meet them at the exhibition, I want to help them introduce more customers. It’s great to do business with them! They sent me a lot of masks for this epidemic. I really appreciate them! During this epidemic, our yoga products sales have been increasing day by day, Dulcon tried every means to meet our supply demand! I was moved by them!
Ardeep, India, Yoga products wholesaler
I’ll recommend this manufacturer and their products, they are very friendly, understanding and patient. They gave me free 2 samples for testing, and then I placed a trial order. Their products are exactly what I expected and the quality is 100% excellent. Surely I’ll order more mats from them.
A small online retailer from Canada

Looking to Customize or Brand Your Own Yoga Towel?

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