Wholesale Yoga Knee Pads

Made of eco-friendly Polyurethane (PU) foam material, with a concave center design to perfectly accommodate your knees. Yoga knee pads provide superior cushioning to relieve pain and reduce fatigue for your hands, wrists, elbows and knees while maintaining yoga poses. Especially ideal for sensitive knees, sore joints, chronic pain, or injury recovery. Adds comfort to your existing yoga, pilates or exercise mat for a pain-free yoga or exercise experience.

Product Details

✔  Material: Pliable, gel-like PU Eco-friendly Material
✔  Color and Non-slip Texture: Customized on request
✔  Printed Design: Hot Engraving, customized on request
✔  Dimensions: 7.6″×7.6″×20mm or 16 mm
✔  Hardness: 30 ~ 35 Shore C
✔  MOQ: 200 pcs

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Main Features

The Yoga Knee Pad is the perfect addition to any yogi’s practice, It provides ultimate impact absorption and comfort to alleviate stress and pain. They are lightweight and flexible, and can easily be taken on and off the mat during a workout.

Antimicrobial, Non-Toxic, Odorless & Biodegradable.

Made of  Polyurethane (PU) gel-like foam material, features with non-allergenic, antibacterial, mildew resistance, non-toxic, odorless and 100% biodegradable within 1-5 years under normal landfill conditions.

Anti-slip Textured Design & Unparalleled Grip

The centered concave shape in the middle makes the pad perfect curvature to adapt to knee & elbow joints, so you don’t need to continually move to adjust your position to avoid injury by losing balance.

Remarkable Comfortable Cushioning & Joint Support

The dense foam-like construction provides exceptional resilience and comfortable cushioning to relieve discomfort and lessen pain. Especially good for sore joints, chronic pain, or injury recovery.

Lightweight, Solid Durable & Excellent Tear resistance

The Knee pad is solid durable and not easily deformed or break for a long time, it can quickly restore to its original shape after being stressed. The lightweight makes it extremely portable and perfect for travel.

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