Wholesale Solid Wood Yoga Blocks

Natural wooden yoga block is a stylish alternative to the foam yoga block.  It is made from 100% natural wood featured with hollow construction to reduce weight. The naturally wood textured sanded surface with rounded edges provides a stylish looking and no-slip contoured grip. It can help yogis for improving yoga posture in proper alignment.

Product Details

✔  Material: 100% All-Natural Wood
✔  Color & Textured: Natural Wood Color and Texture
✔  Printed Design: Customized Laser Embossed on request
✔  Dimensions: 3″ D x 6″ H x 9″ W or 4″ D x 6″ H x 9″ W (Standard Size)
✔  Structure: Hollow Core
✔  Product Packaging: Recyclable plastic wrap around the block
✔  Delivery Packaging: Recycled cardboard box
✔  MOQ: 500 pcs


Main Features

The wood grain frosted surface and bevelled edge provide fashionable, comfortable touch feels and maximum grip for supporting stretches and poses to achieve better flexibility, balance and stability.

Non-Toxic, Odorless, Non-allergenic & Biodegradable

All-natural wood makes the block solid durable, water-resistant, non-allergenic, non-toxic, odorless and biodegradable. No dyes, harmful chemicals or wood pulp fillers used in the manufacturing process.

a hollow construction

The wood yoga blocks are a sturdy and hollow lighter weight yoga block and as are very sturdy. Yoga blocks help yogis reach the ground in balancing poses; improve flexibility, stability and helps in proper alignment

The hollow construction to reduce weight, have rounded edges for comfort, are hand-polished with eco-friendly beeswax

Sanded Non-Slip Surface and Beveled Edges For Easy Grip

The sanded non-slip surface provides a scratch-resistant surface and superior traction, design with beveled edges and rounded corners for added a safe comfortable & easier hand grip for supported poses.

Lightweight, Durable And Long Lasting

Wooden Yoga Block can provide reliable support without bending or deforming, solid durable for lasting long time and added grounding for supporting poses and aiding alignment in the action.

Looking to Wholesale Soild Wood Yoga Blocks?

Contact us directly, let’s discuss about your requirements or customized solution! Our dedicated customer service team is always on hand to help.

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