Lightweight EVA Yoga Blocks

EVA Yoga Block/Yoga Brick is made of high density non-toxic EVA foam, with rounded beveled edges all around for maximum comfort and grip. This kind of yoga block is lightweight and durable, and won’t leave any scratches or marks. Ideal for carrying to the studio, class, or for travel. It’s also essential tools for Restorative Yoga practice.

Product Details

✔ Material: 100% Non-toxic EVA Foam
✔ Optional Colors: Customized on request
✔ Size Dimensions: 3″ D x 6″ H x 9″ W or 4″ D x 6″ H x 9″ W (Standard Size)
✔ Product Packaging: Recyclable plastic wrap around the block
✔ Style Features: Solid, Two-Toned
✔ Hardness: 24 ~ 30 Shore C
✔ MOQ: 500 pcs


Main Features

EVA Yoga Blocks are light enough to carry to the studio, class, or for travel. They provide the support and/or height needed to do poses safely and effectively. When placed under the hips, hands, heels, or between the hands, they provide the stability and grounding needed to extend fully.

Extremely Lightweight, Durable & Non-absorbent

Made from non-toxic EVA closed-cell foam for non-absorbent and odor-resistant, the block is incredibly light in weight, and yet strong, durable and long-lasting performance for reliable support.

Anti-Slip Surface for Steady Grip & Scratch Resistant

The non-slip scratch-resistant surface provides steady grip to avoid slipping and sliding, and ultimate comfort support to the body into difficult poses by strengthening, stretching, and aligning body without strain.

Bevelled Edges Create A Comfortable surface

The beveled edges all around provide the block a smooth comfortable feel and maximum comfort and grip, it ensures that the users of all fitness levels have safe and comfortable workouts.

Sufficient Cushioning Support and Comfort

The EVA foam provides sufficient cushioning and comfort to effectively relieve the uncomfortable feeling of the action, and reduces the contact hard force for the palms, feet, and back while in motion.

Looking to Customize or Wholesale EVA Yoga Blocks for your business?

Contact us directly, let’s discuss about your requirements or customized solution! Our dedicated customer service team is always on hand to help.

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