Foam Roller With Trigger Points

Foam Roller features with ABS hollow-core structure with multi-density EVA foam outer, the unique massage points design mimics a massage therapist’s hands, allowing you to self-massage for releasing muscle pain and tightness. Appropriate for use on calves, quads, hamstrings, back, pecs, thoracic spine and more. Ideal for beginners to advanced rollers.

Product Details

✔  Material: Multi-density EVA foam outer layer with durable ABS hollow-core
✔  Color: Vibrant solid color or customized color
✔  Weight Capacity: Up to 150-200kgs
✔  Dimensions:45 x 14cm or 63 x 14cm (Customized on request)
✔  Hardness:35 Shore C
✔  MOQ: 200 pcs


Main Features

Foam rollers designed with hollow core design and multi-density foam surface to release muscle pain and tightness, improve mobility, increase circulation, and is recommended by sports doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists. Ideal for use in physiotherapy, fitness exercise, and rehabilitation.

Non-Toxic, Anti-Microbial, Non-absorbent and odorless

Wrapped in durable high-density EVA foam outer layer, which provides anti-microbial, non-absorbent and odorless. It is firm support, soft to the touch and will not cause harm to your muscles.

Unique Massage Zones with Trigger Point Therapy

3 kinds of rugged massage zones apply pressure in varying density to mimics the finger, palm, and thumb of a therapist’s hands. It allows control over the level and intensity of your massage.

Ultimate Cushioning and Remarkable Comfort

EVA foam outer layer offers sufficient cushioning, it effectively relieves the uncomfortable feeling of the action and reduces the contact hard force for the palms, feet, and back while in motion.

Hollow-Core Structure, Solid Durable & Anti-Deformation

The hollow core construction of durable ABS, it provides super bearing capacity, anti-deformation and withstands repeated and frequent use without breaking down while maintaining its shape.

Looking to Customize or Brand Your Own Foam Roller?

Contact us directly, let’s discuss about your requirements or customized solution! Our dedicated customer service team is always on hand to help.

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