Yoga Accessories

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We have a great selection of yoga accessories to choose from. You can find the perfect accessories to support you with your business! If you need to wholesale yoga accessories or custom yoga accessories with your private label, just need to let us know your requirements or design, and then leave the rest to us!

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Waffle Yoga Towel with Silicone Grip
Waffle Yoga Towel added a premium sticky silicone grip bottom, it provides superior moisture absorption, quick-drying and a comfortable grip experience.
Microfiber Yoga Towel with Tie-Dye
The towel’s super hygroscopicity and grip make it great for any sweaty practice, The unique printing and dyeing process make it rich color and good color fastness
Tie-dye Yoga Towel with Silicone Dots
The silicone dots allows this towel to stick tightly on any mat and effectively prevent the towel from bunching or sliding, no matter how much you move or sweat.
TPE Yoga Wheel
TPE Yoga Wheel has natural anti-bacterial and sweat-resistant, it effectively relieves the uncomfortable feeling of the action and reduces the contact hard force.
Natural Cork Yoga Wheel
Cork Yoga Wheel provides remarkable skid resistance, better friction/grip for your palms, feet, and back. It’s a perfect tool for beginner to advanced yogis.
Lightweight EVA Yoga Block
EVA Yoga Blocks are light enough to carry to the studio or for travel. It provides maximum comfort grip to do poses safely, and effectively relieve the uncomfortable feeling.
TPE Yoga Block
TPE yoga block offers you a lightweight and inexpensive solution. it’s sturdy enough to bear your weight without deforming, ideal for all yogis and any style of exercise.
Cork Yoga Block

Cork Yoga Block is an alternative from foam blocks,  it’s heavier and more firm feeling than foam bricks, and provide better grippy support to your body during difficult poses.

Solid Wood Yoga Block

Wooden yoga blocks are the original form and have specific uses. Being solid wood, they are far heavier and more solid, This is best suited if you don’t plan on carrying it around.

Foam Roller With Trigger Points
The unique massage points design mimics a massage therapist’s hands and allows you to self-massage, ideal for use in physiotherapy, fitness exercise, and rehabilitation.
Foam Roller with Bumpy Spikes
The foam roller is an all-in-one massage solution. Its raised spikes deeply into trigger points and tight connective tissue for a more targeted massage, and help to speed up recovery and reduce soreness.
Yoga Knee Pads
The yoga knee pads provide ultimate cushioning support for wrists, hands, elbows, hips, or knees where you need it most. Especially good for sore joints, chronic pain or injury recovery.
Yoga Balance Ball
The Balance Ball is designed to improve core strength, balance and increase muscle activation. The ball can be used in yoga, pilates, cross-training, aerobics and more!