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You need more than just a single yoga towel, you need a veteran supplier who has been in the field for 12 years to build your brand and grow your profits. Let us help you achieve business success!

Our Core Advantage Products

Microfiber Suede Yoga Towel

Microfiber Suede Yoga Towel

Microfiber Suede Yoga Towel

What makes our yoga towel different?

As the only manufacturer whose core product is the yoga towels in the past 12 years, we are at the absolute forefront of fabric development, manufacturing process technique and user experience insight. The focus and professionalism is the essence of why our yoga towel is better

Exclusively developed fabrics and weaving technology for yoga towels
Adopt advanced food-grade silicone anti-slip coating technology

Only dyed with eco-friendly natural dyes, which means that they are free of AZO, lead, and heavy-metals

Extremely durable, even after thousands of uses and washes, it will retain its original texture and feel.

Top 6 reasons why choose us

We are always committed to helping our clients to build unique, valuable, and competitive yoga towel in the market. 

Focus on the yoga Towel

This focus helps us establish an absolute advantage in this industry, whether it be manufacturing technique, or production experience。

Trusted & proven over 12 years

Trusted by 120+ clients from 16 countries and regions, including several famous brands such as manudka, Shangdali, Heathyoga, etc.

Extreme Professionalism

Whatever style of towel you want, we can help you achieve it with our proven manufacturing process and extensive experience.

Fast Delivery and Low MOQ

By flexible manufacturing, we shorten the time from an order is received until the delivery, and able to accommodate small orders of different.

Quality Assurance Service

Offers up to 12 months manufacturer's warranty, and with 24/7 support services. No matter what the problem, we're always right behind you.

Environmental Awareness

We are constantly developing eco-conscious fabric of yoga towel and strive to reduce our carbon footprint in all aspects of production.

The benefits you can get

One-stop OEM & ODM solutions

Whether you need wholesale or custom design, we can provide one-stop solution that best suits your needs, and based on your targeting customers and budget

Factory direct price to enhance your profit margin

Working directly with the manufacturer without the middleman's markups, it means that you can offer the customer a more attractive price while getting higher gross profits for yourself.

Top quality to enhance your brand premium

Increase brand reputation and build a strong premium for your brand by creating true top quality yoga towels that deliver an exceptional experience to your users.

Save your time & energy, help you focus on brand marketing

We reduce your workload by taking the headache out of manufacturing custom yoga towels, let you ample time to focus on marketing your business and growing your brand.

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