We are a company which sells sports equipment from the United States. In 2009, we met Dulcon company at the Canton Fair. We have been cooperating with them until now. Now, the sales amount of our yoga products are 10 times that of sports equipment. The first time we purchased yoga mats from Dulcon company, a customer responded that the anti-skid degree was not enough and there was the smell. Dulcon company immediately improved it and sent us a new sample for our approval. Three months later, we were very satisfied with the samples. The mat sample has a feature of good elasticity, no smell, and good skid resistance. In addition, they also gave us a very good discount on the second order. This discount was offered by Dulcon company on its own initiative. Our current customer base is very stable, which also benefits from the quality and services. We would like to say thank you very much!

An American company that sells fitness products

I do wholesale yoga products in India. We have cooperated with dulcon for nearly 10 years. Their yoga supplies are of good quality and competitive price. Because of this, I also introduced several Indian friends to dulcon. My friends were very satisfied. They said that the service from Dulcon was good, the delivery time was fast, the quality and price were very good! Every time I meet them at the exhibition, I want to help them introduce more customers. It’s great to do business with them! They sent me a lot of masks for this epidemic. I really appreciate them! During this epidemic, our yoga products sales have been increasing day by day, Dulcon tried every means to meet our supply demand! I was moved by them!

Ardeep, India, Yoga products wholesaler

I am Virginia from France. We operate 25 supermarkets in France. I have bought yoga mats from Dulcon for 12 years. Many stories happened in the middle of the course, such as the loss of spare parts of the mat, the smell of the mat at the beginning, and the lack of packing. They were very patient to help us solve one by one, and now they are very perfect. I want to focus on the odor problem. Their solution is that no glue is needed for the composite of mats, and a drying workshop is set up specially. When I visited them, Mr. Deng, the boss, especially showed me to visit their new deodorant workshop. I was shocked and would like to say, “my choice is right forever!

Virginia, France, General Manager of supermarket Chain

Our boss has been studying TPE yoga mats for nearly 15 years. We have worked with many factories that produce TPE yoga mats in China. The most satisfying company is Dulcon. Their yoga mats are of stable quality and odorless. Our orders are very large. No matter how difficult it was, as soon as we put it forward, Dulcon company always helped us solve the problem efficiently in the first place. We have been working with Dulcon for nearly 8 years and have never received quality complaints from customers. We also purchase sports mats from Dulcon. Their production capacity is very strong and quality is premium

A well-known Brand of Yoga in South Korea

Excellent communication and quality, reliable company, and professional manufacturer for yoga products. Originally ordered the suede yoga mat, but the texture was not a good fit for our art, but order PVC yoga mat after and it turned out great! May helped with our order and was great at responding quickly.

A retailer of yoga products from Australia

I’ll recommend this manufacturer and their products, they are very friendly, understanding and patient. They gave me free 2 samples for testing, and then I placed a trial order. Their products are exactly what I expected and the quality is 100% excellent. Surely I’ll order more mats from them.

A small online retailer from Canada

Completely trustworthy company. Delivery goods, on time. Product quality excellent, I definitely recommend. I will probably re-order.

From The UK yoga supplies company

UV printing quality is incredible. Top-notch material as well. They helped us throughout the customization process to get the perfect samples. I just ordered 1200 pcs from them.

From a small American start-up

We ordered these TPE yoga mats for kids yoga class, they are perfect, no smell. It comes to the original condition after applying pressure. Nice color and marks on the mat are quite helpful. Great product! The supplier’s delivery speed is very fast. And their service is great. Totally recommend.

A buyer from an American yoga studio

The communication was very easy and instant. The product has very high quality and the most important all the mats we ordered got on time! We will definitely keep working with them. Thank you for your service.

Retail sellers from Amazon USA